About Us

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Headquartered in Goldsboro, North Carolina, our company is one of the fastest and up growing inspirational and motivational firms. Our approach is grassroots. We are dedicated to helping you obtain a motivated purpose for obtaining your mission.We do not pretend to have a solution for every purpose.The good news is that we will listen and do whatever we can to assist you in addressing a critical life area that is important to you.

 Dr. Vincent N. Shipman, D.B.A.
Shipman is the CEO of the Shipman Network Group Office and specializes in inspirational motivation.You can contact Shipman directly neil.shipman@att.net


Do not let the events of this day confuse you into thinking negative about your purpose in life. History has proven that those who where considered to have no purpose or drive have evolved to prove the skeptics wrong.It has never entered to anyone's heart or mind what God has in store for those that love him.