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Coaching programs to identify core competencies and developmental areas and provide a rich environment of ongoing self-awareness, learning and support.

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Organizational assessment and interventions to optimize effectiveness. We specialize in corporate culture change and reengineering change projects at the organizational level.



Shipman Network Group Offices Advocate

703 West Chestnut Street

507 West Mulberry St

505 West Mulberry Street

Goldsboro, NC  27530

Precious Shipman Family Member,

 I am writing as a Shipman family advocate to encourage you to support uplifting our family members spiritually, educationally, socially and economically. We as a family have a right to participate and to uplift our family, community, city, state and national government. We have the right to love one another .We have the right to assist one another in times of peril. We have a right to know that while we are small in number, we are great in God’s grace and prosperity. We as concern family members have a right to establish ourselves a Shipman Network Group office in every town and state. We have the right to demand fairness and transparency not only from our constituents, but also from those who represent us. Having Shipman Network Group Offices will benefit one of our state, nation, and global most vulnerable families. I ask you to support this important piece of Shipman Network Group Offices outreach which will make such a difference in the lives of our family members. I also would appreciate it if you would let us know of the action that you can take on this matter.  “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety” Proverbs 12 verse 14.

Dr. Neil Vincent Shipman, DbA.
 Year 2015

  • Facilitation for offsites and conferences
  • Team building
  • Leadership training programs